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No more cumbersome books, microfiche or microfilm

CHRONiCA simplifies the work of managing all vital information from birth to death with logical, user-friendly and intuitive approach. It is an enterprise document management platform for creating, capturing, managing, delivering and archiving large volumes of documents and images.

CHRONiCA is simple, user friendly, digital data management software for managing vital records related to birth, death, paternity, adoption. It assists in organizing and tracking records that could be a worthwhile investment for any local government. The advantages will keep the list going on as it comes with the locking record which restricts further processing. Besides, it is stated to be exceptionally smooth in Amber alerts. Simply type search and user gets the desired file as CHRONiCA has a focused approach pattern which helps in the easy and quick retrieval of the desired information.

It provides preview of records when importing, amending data. It enforces a consistent workflow as it reduces the time required in processing records. In the government departments, time crack havoc when it comes to maintaining and retrieving records. CHRONiCA saves users from those endless searching methods. You get precisely what you want without comprising on the security issues. There are security rights based on access to records and their processing. It comes with an uber cool feature of tracking "who did what and when" for all processes which prevent issuing of stamped documents and maintains requestors of birth\death certificates.

The program is customized according to the users need. It automatically maintains various changes on a particular record which helps in effective tracking of events. It also provides excellent archival storage which helps in keeping a track of events. If it is customized then its usability becomes supreme with its adaptable nature. The program can readily adapt in the face of changing user needs, desires and environment. CHRONiCA is considered to be a highly scalable application as it can handle accelerated flow of users, workload or transactions without undue strain.